We’ve aggregated some of the most commonly asked questions that we see from our customers and the public. If your questions aren’t answered here, please get in touch with us.

Do I need a prescription in order to purchase cannabis from your store?
Yes, you can submit the required documentation to us. Once verified you will be contacted with an account creation request. Please see all the details here.
How fast is shipping?
If you are in Saskatchewan sometimes delivery is within one day! If you are in western or eastern Canada shipping can vary from 3-5 days.
What is the difference between an Indica and a Sativa?
When indica strains are smoked/ingested they typically provide the user with a full-body, relaxing high. Sativa strains typically provide the user with an energizing, euphoric and inspiring high, generally followed by a period of increased appetite, especially for sugary foods. An easy way to differentiate the two is indica is sometimes referred to as "In-da-couch".
What is a Hybrid strain?
Hybrid strains are typically bred from an indica strain and a sativa strain in an attempt to reap the benefits of both.
What is CBD?
CBD is the second most prominent chemical compound in cannabis. Medicinal benefits include: anti-inflammatory properties, analgesic, anti-convulsant, stress relief. CBD is not psychoactive which makes it great for medical purposes.
What makes a $12 gram better than an $8 gram?
We price our strains according to potency and overall quality of that specific yield.
When I eat edibles, how much should I eat?
Our recommended dose is between 10-15 mg for first time users. Edibles take at least an hour to digest and take effect. Be patient and do not dose again until you’ve waited at least three hours from the first dose. It's always better to eat too little than too much. The effects from edibles will last between 6-12 hours. Please note: ingesting an edible on an empty stomach can have a stronger and sometimes negative effect on the user. It is always recommended to have eaten something within 15-30 minutes.
Why does my anxiety get worse when I smoke/ingest certain strains?
Sativa's can cause anxiety in people who suffer from anxiety. We suggest that people who have had negative effects with sativa's use hybrid or indica strains instead. CBD can also be great to combat anxiety if you are still seeking effects from a Sativa strain.
How much is shipping?
Mailed orders have a flat rate of $15.